Garra Producciones is a filmmaking optimum strategy: An audiovisual company that since 2006 has generated 6 films in co-productions and a new development of independient films distribution in Spain and Latin America. We work into coproductions way to show business with real goals.

Frank Spano

He has been a filmmaker 25 years ago. He has succeed, and gone beyond international frontiers, with over 20 films as an actor, producer, and director. He won 3 International Festival Awards with his "Opera Prima" like Director/Producer.

Creative goals




An company based in Panama, Spain and Venezuela with international team that co-produced films beyond borders in Panama, Colombia, Spain and US.



We specialize in developing, producing and distributing any funding model, optimizing budget and a high level of international quality.



Our work is backed with 6 films in co-production between Panama, Spain, Brazil, US, Venezuela and France.