Garra Productions is a professionals team to meet the demand for an increasingly global and competitive international market. Combining experience, youth and the drive to satisfy customers worldwide. Our Directs team has over two decade of experience in this market, in different areas and in different ways, always based on an entrepreneurial, independent, creative and responsible profile. From an idea, to writing the script, financing, management, production, post-production and distribution. Therefore, in addition to working on our own projects, we offer the full range of possible audiovisual services. And yes, we working hours are not counted and globalization is the base that will keep our independent industry alive.


Garra Producciones is an audiovisual company that offers a full range of casting management services because our directors have participated in coproductions with international companies that develop their audiovisual production of film and television in Panama, Spain, Venezuela, Brazil and the US, becoming a provider of bilingual artistic talent. Actors, actresses, extras, make a broad database to meet the needs of the local, national or international market. For more information, contact us and we will be happy to help and offer a customized service.


Versatility is one of the pillars and as producers we recognize the characteristics of the volatile market. That is why we do the distribution of independent films. We have distributed six films in Panama, Venezuela, Spain and Brazil. We know that it is a difficult task in this times but with a thorough evaluation of a marketing campaign, alternative campaigns and a well-designed investment plan, we obtain profitable business models. That is why we are organizing a platform to distribute throughout Latin America, Europe and the USA.