Organ transplant - Donation - Illegal Traffic

HUMANPERSONS and organ trafficking

Our film HUMANPERSONS has led us to face a global problem, for this reason we propose: In order to share the entire complex network of operation of organ donation, transplantation and trafficking, we have designed a communication campaign committed to the main objective of COMUNICATE society about this serious global problem.
Traffic is an activity that occurs much closer than we believe and to which all, in some way, we are exposed due to lack of information. The only way to face this serious and complex issue is through the AWARENESS.
Therefore, we invite your ORGANIZATION to be part of #BEHUMANPERSONS


  • This is a communication and awareness campaign that will allow to denounce the trafficking of organs worldwide, becoming a communication platform and helping to donate the transplant, sensitizing society.
  • This campaign will be done in English, Spanish and Portuguese, since the film co-production between Panama, Brazil, Spain and the USA is linked to HUMAPERSONS.
  • HUMANPERSONS is a film that will premiere at festivals and countries around the world in the next 2 years, and that is why we have will develop with this Responsibility Social Campaign.