Paul Gauguin, the old and sick painter, is subjected to a trial by French authorities in Tahiti. On his way, he has visions from the past. Especially, about his life and work on the Panama Canal. The place where his artistic career started? This psychological drama is a legal trial of the man, and of his very conscience, as he obsesses over painting his last great work.

DIRECTOR: Frank Spano.
PRODUCERS: Frank Spano / Steven A. Jones.
PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Garra Producciones / Owen Productions.
WRITER: Frank Spano.
COUNTRY: Panama/Spain/US/France.
CAST: Jean Reno (to Confirm), Carlos Bardem (to confirm).
STATUS: Preproduction 2018 - Shooting 2019.
LANGUAGE: English / French.
GENRE: Psycological - Drama - 95 min.