Two women. Two generations. Two victims of a tragedy. Two social classes that meet during a disaster that took their pasts away in a few hours. Isabel and Yudeixi are two opposite women who, by the violence of fate, are united and become immigrants overnight. Isabel is a 49-year-old nurse. She is from Canarias but lives in Venezuela. Yudeixi del Carmen is a 17-year-old poor girl who is used to make a living out of crimes. They travel to Canarias as refugees. For Yudeixi to stay in Europe, Isabel becomes her legal representative. Therefore, they are forced to start from scratch… together.

DIRECTOR: Frank Spano
WRITER: Frank Spano
PRODUCERS EXECUTIVES: Cesar Martinez , Beto Rodrigues, Beto Benitez, Liz Mago Bosch, Frank Spano
PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Garra Producciones, Dexiderius Producciones, Panda Filmes, Gustavo Benitez
NATIONALITIES: Venezuela, Spain, Brazil
CAST: Rosana Pastor, Erika Santiago, Luis Fernández
STATUS: Premier 2011
GENRE: Drama | 95 min | Color

  • Festival Internacional Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Premio Mejor Largometraje Foro Canario) 2011
  • Festival de Málaga 2011
  • Festival de Mérida (Venezuela), 2011
  • Festival de Moscú, 2011
  • Festival de Tunja (Colombia), 2011
  • Festival de Sao Paulo, 2011
  • Muestra de Cine de Porto Alegre, 2011
  • Festival Madridimagen (Premio ópera prima y premio Jurado joven) 2011 Chicago Latino Film Festival 2012
  • International Film Festival Panamá 2012