James is an american criminal who returns to his hometown, in Latin America, after 35 years ago with one mission: stealing a liver from a victim and taking it to his boss in the USA. On this trip, James relives the memories of his violent past as a child. Which leads him to think twice before committing the crime or redeem himself.

DIRECTOR: Frank Spano
PRODUCERS: Frank Spano, Beto Rodrigues, Fernando Muniz, Cesar Mártinez.
ASSOCIATE PRODUCERS: Juan Urquijo, Steven A. Jones.
PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Garra Producciones, Panda Filmes, FM Producoes, Dexiderius Producciones.
WRITERS: Frank Spano, Pedro García Ríos.
COUNTRY: Panama, Brazil, Spain.
CAST: Luis Fernandez, Robin Duran, William Kalinak, Alex O’Dogherty, Ramiro Meneses, María Cecilia Sánchez, Roberto Birindelli, Fernando Muniz, Mimi Lazo, Ana Maria Perez, Robert O’Neill Jr.
LANGUAGE: English/Spanish.
GENRE: Thriller / Drama - 93 min.